Nat Birchall /Peerilous & Manasseh - 'Zinc Fence Rock ' / 'Dub Shack' (new UK 7" vinyl)


A: Nat Birchall - Zinc Fence Rock
B: Perilous & Manasseh - Dub Shack
7" vinyl

Storming digital roots instrumental with UK Jazz prodigy and longtime roots reggae stalwart Nat Birchall blowing up a haunting rootical storm over a tough, driving digital dub rhythm from Selection Train's resident producer Perilous. Strictly on the musical side of "steppers", the rhythm is also played live by long time dubwise instrumentalists Inyaky "BDF" Yarritu of influential dub outfit Basque Dub Foundation along side Charles "Nightdoctor" Wood whose outfit was responsible for the seminal 1981 UK Steppers weapon "Menelik" amongst other cult releases. The instrumental A side is given a one-away mixdown by original UK Dub guru Nick Manasseh on the flip, with the menacing sound system dubwise cut "Dub Shack" mixed to bubbling perfection.