Dark Angel/Manasseh 'Free Da Minds' (original cut) - 7" vinyl (brand new release)


A: Free Da Minds (original cut) - Dark Angel (aka Mowty Mahlyka)
B: Free Dub (Levi) - Manasseh

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Release info: Roots Garden records present the final instalment of the labels hugely popular 2007 rhythm series 'The Levi rhythm' from producer Manasseh, featuring this previously unreleased dubplate vocal and heavyweight dubwise mix.
London based reggae dancehall artist 'Dark Angel (AKA Mowty Mahlyka) was so inspired by the then freshly released 'Levi Rhythm' he recorded the lyrics as an exclusive sound system dubplate. The track proving so popular at Roots Garden sound system sessions producer Manasseh created a brand new and totally reimagined remix around the Dark Angel's vocal, this was released in 2008 as 'Free Da Minds' (featured on Roots Garden Showcase part 1).

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